Senior Reel

Autodesk Maya. Adobe After Effects. Adobe Animate. Adobe Premier. Maxon Cinema 4D. ZBrush

Series: In The Future

“A future where nature and technology have become one.” 

Assembled in Adobe Photoshop

The People's Tryptic

“We the people have something to say about the current state of affairs.” 

Three 17×22 Digital Collages. Created in Adobe Photoshop. 

Black Pearl

“Two sisters from modern day Los Angeles embark on a journey
through time to locate lost family. They arrive to a chaotic scene as Brazil
engages in one of the worst wars in human history.” 


Movie Poster 24×36. Illustrated in Adobe Photoshop. Assembled in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop


Blood, sweat and hydrocal.


Charcoal & Newsprint.

I am a multi-media artist

Character modelling. Drawing. Design and animation.