graphic design and vector art

Indemnity.exe Posters, 2O21

Poster Design feat. Detective Calder Crane.
Poster Design feat. Wattie.

Paradise Skeleton, 2O2O

"Paradise Skeleton" was a component of my lyric card project to The Growler's song "Graveyard's Full", featured in my student reel.
Planning page for lyric card project.

Postage Stamp Design, 2O2O

Munich Logo Set, 2O19

Munich Logo Set Presentation

Sweet Bay Magnolia, 2O19

This project was to design two skateboard decks inspired by a flower; one realistic and one abstract. I chose the sweet bay magnolia. Note: The deck to the far right hand side is a computer-generated rendition of my abstract deck design. This was included as part of the project to show how computer-generated imagery could be used to manipulate your art.

Abstract Animal Logo, 2O19

To begin the process, we started by using only circles and lines.
Mock-up and final colored draft.

I Tied It To The Radiator, 2O18

My vector art take of Margot's bathroom from Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums.

fine arts

Silkscreens, 2O2O

Asbury Gorgon

Barnegat Light

One Fish Two Fish, 2O19

Ink on handmade paper.

Winterstone Sculpture, 2O19

Cosmic Ray, 2O18

Character design project for Digital Illustration.

Paper Cuts, 2O18

The assignment was to use colors and design to create an image which causes the viewer's eyes to feel as if they are vibrating.
Working with color transparency.
Notan, a Japanese term meaning "light and dark harmony".
Working with complimentary colors.

Clay Self Portrait, 2O18

Work in progress photo of clay details.