AR-386: Principles of Animation

An introduction to Animation: Principles, History and Praxis

Flipbook Images by Emily Ronan ’21

This course introduces students to different techniques while supplying historical and theoretical contexts. It is a self-contained course that provides students with a thorough introduction into the world of animation. The course counts as advanced option for the students in the Graphic and Interactive Design concentration.

Still from Stop Motion
Stop Motion Still by Cisco Tejeras

Students will learn the basic theories and principles of animation. An overview of the early history of animation will be given to put current practice into perspective. Students will be introduced to different animation techniques, such as 2D, Stop Motion, and 3D computer animation. They will apply these techniques to complete several short exercises and pick one to complete a final project.

Animation student Roxanne Quow ’20 working on a flat plane stop motion


  • The Principles of Animation
  • Overview of the History of Animation
  • Introduction to a range of animation techniques, such as 2D (Flipbook, Cutout), Stop Motion, and 3D computer animation (using simple objects)
  • Expressing ideas and concepts through Motion

Prerequisite: AR-114*

*A version of this course for non majors is offered concurrently as AR-286. It does not have AR-114 as prerequisite and satisfies the Aesthetics (AT) General Education requirement.

2D Transform Animation created by students in Fall 2021
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