AR-392: 3D Animation

Offered for the first time Fall 2022

Building upon the Principles of Animation, students learn to create three dimensional animations, both virtual (3D Computer Animation) and physical (Stop Motion). Character Animation, Procedural animation and Simulation, and animation for Real Time applications will be introduced. Students will complete assignments for each of these different types of animation, and complete a final project with their choice of one of these techniques.

Test created using MASH in Autodesk Maya

3D Animations created at Monmouth are included in the annual reel, and can be found on the Monmouth Animation Vimeo Channel

Prerequisites: AR-387: 3D Modeling, Lighting and Rendering OR AR-116: Three-Dimensional Design
Corequisite: AR-386: Principles of Animation

Independent Study project by Melissa Thomas (’17)
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