Author: Wobbe F. Koning

Finishing your animation: Editing with Premiere Pro

After months of hard work, you have finally have all the image sequences on disk. So now what? With this page I hope to get you started with the conversions of a bunch of image sequences to a polished, professionally finished animation. Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro In Premiere Pro you work in a project. This seems similar to Maya, but it is not: the project is saved as one file, not as a directory with […]

Maya Basics: Setting a Project

Note: this video is also posted as part of Maya Basics: Project, Shortcuts When you start working in Maya, the first thing you want to do is set your project. That way you know where your files get saved, and the program will know where to look for texture images, etc. Remember to always check the current project when opening Maya, you can find this at the top of the new project window Usually the […]

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