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Finishing your animation: Editing with Premiere Pro

After months of hard work, you have finally have all the image sequences on disk. So now what? With this page I hope to get you started with the conversions of a bunch of image sequences to a polished, professionally finished animation. Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro In Premiere Pro you work in a project. This seems similar to Maya, but it is not: the project is saved as one file, not as a directory with […]

Retopologizing using the Quad Draw tool

The Quad Draw tool in Maya is great for retopologizing a model. You basically draw a new mesh on top of the (probably way too high density scanned) mesh, Here is a video on the basics. To start drawing quads on top of an existing mesh Select the surface you want to re-topo (draw on) Make live (right click – make live, or magnet icon [plain magnet]) You can see which surface is live on […]

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