Using the Andy Rig

Download the Andy Zip File (available through HighEnd3D / eCampus) and unzip onto your hard drive. Set your project to the unzipped directory, and all should work well. If you want to use the Andy rig in another project folder, make sure to copy and merge all the project sub-directories, especially the “source images” folder, to your project directory directory, otherwise our poor Andy will loose his / her textures and turn completely black.

NOTE: Andy, and many other free rigs, do not evaluate properly in newer versions of Maya (like 2023, maybe even 2016+) unless you change the evaluation mode back to DC – see video below

The basic features of the Andy Rig are explained in this video I created:

The Any Rig – Basic Features

I apologize for the occasional hiss in the background, that is just my pet dragon dreaming.

Using Andy in newer version of Maya (2023+)

The default Evaluation Mode has changed to parallel and needs to be set back to DC for this, and many other free rigs, to properly work. This can be done in Preferences > Settings > Animation > Evaluation

Here is a video by Sai Srikanth Charepalli showing how:

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