Modeling a Head

The Poly Modeling technique provides a way to create organic models with good topology. Quad Draw is a useful tool for poly modeling. It works best when you have a shape to build on, like a high resolution scan of sculpt.

This page presents a hybrid approach to modeling a head, using sculpting and Quad Draw. The sculpt is created in Maya. There are better tools for sculpting, like Mudbox or ZBrush, but I use Maya to keep it all in a single software package in hopes of easing the learning curve for my students

For this example I use mugshots as reference, just like I did in an older Poly Modeling Demo. But in stead of starting with a single polygon, I start with a sphere and a cylinder as basis for sculpting.

The six videos below can be viewed in succession using this YouTube playlist.

Once I have the basic shape, the topology and low poly count are limiting. To retopologize with symmetry I first delete half of the model and then mirror it.

Once (mildy) satisfied with the shape, it is time to start building better topology using Quad Draw

Now it is time to leave the sculpted shape and Quad Draw behind and start refining the model.

Using traditional poly modeling techniques, in the next video an ear is added (extruding edges, target welding & using append to polygon)

Not quite a finished head yet – still symmetrical – but it is a start. Also still needs (old blue) eyes.

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