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How to use DSN Rapid Rig Basic


There are several scripts out there that let you create a rig for your character in a more or less automated way. The only free one that I found that actually works in Maya 2011+ is DSN Rapid Rig. There are two version: the basic and free one and the full version which of course is not free. Luckily the basic version provides enough functionality for us.You can download the MEL script from Creative Crash […]


Blend Shapes

This technique, also know as Shape Animation / Shape Blending, enable you to deform an object from one shape to another. The principle is simple: you have a base shape (the un-deformed state) and a target shape. By determining a percentage, for instance by pulling on a slider, you can by smoothly interpolate between the two shapes: the points of the object will move from the positions they are in for the base shape, to […]

Retopologizing using the Quad Draw tool

The Quad Draw tool in Maya is great for retopologizing a model. You basically draw a new mesh on top of the (probably way too high density scanned) mesh, Here is a video on the basics. To start drawing quads on top of an existing mesh Select the surface you want to re-topo (draw on) Make live (right click – make live, or magnet icon [plain magnet]) You can see which surface is live on […]

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